Resting along the north side of the Boise River, Middleton offers a charming small town with access to the whole of the Treasure Valley. It’s known for hosting the Middleton Market, an active farmers market, as well as a range of seasonal events, from their lively Fourth of July Parade to the Fall Craft Bazaar. Middleton offers a classic small-town atmosphere that serves as a great jumping off point for wineries and outdoor activities.

Common plumbing issues in Middleton.

Middleton has a combination of newer development as well as beautiful neighborhoods and larger acreage properties that have been around a while. Homeowners often run into issues of
inconsistent construction quality and repairs depending on when their home was built or
remodeled. Additionally, many homeowners in Middleton want modern plumbing features such as water softeners, water purifiers, and water heaters to help make their home more efficient and comfortable.