Water Pressure Problems

Does it seem like the water coming out of your faucet is being shot out of a cannon?

If it does you have a pressure problem. Either your pressure reducing valve is either not working properly or you don’t have one. State plumbing code limits static water pressure to 80 psi.

Combining high water pressure and city meters with one way check valves can be damaging to your plumbing system. Often high water pressure manifest itself at the water heater where it can cause the relief valve to spout water onto the floor. It’s a situation that can put too much stress on your water heater and other points in your plumbing system.

Does your water just dribble out when you turn the water on?

There are many reasons for this low water pressure: Some are as simple as a clogged aerator or water softener pre filter. More difficult problems include leaks – especially underground leaks, buildup in lines, obstructions in the line.

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