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If you need to re-pipe a house, we know the most efficient way towards successful repipe plumbing.  Re-pipes require knowledge of polybutylene, copper, galvanized, PEX and the proper connections for each combined with fair and practical advice on all your related plumbing needs – because – not all domestic water is the same.  Chlorine and hard water will impact repiping decisions.

Proactively Deal with POLYBUTYLENE

Best Option – Replace your POLYBUTYLENE.  

Minimum Option – If your home water shut-off valve isn’t readily accessible, have it re-plumbed so that the water to your entire house is easily shut-off.  Learn to shut off the home water when leaving for more than a day.  

Having an easily accessible shutoff won’t remove the risk of your home flooding but can mitigate the risk of a pipe bursting and leaking for an extended period of time.


  • Polybutylene pipes are grey-colored potable water pipes.
  • From the mid-1970’s to the mid-1990’s, POLYBUTYLENE piping was installed in about 1 out of every 4 new or remodeled US homes.
  • Resulting from a class action law suit in 1995, a $1.1 billion fund was set up to compensate homeowners for water damage caused by POLYBUTYLENE pipes failing.  Claims had to be filed before May 1, 2009 and further claims are no longer payable under the fund.
  • The POLYBUTYLENE class action suit associated pipe failure with product degradation from chlorinated water.
  • The piping is most at risk for fault at points of stress that can include fittings, sharp bends, and kinks.
  • POLYBUTYLENE degrades from inside the pipe and critical degradation can occur during a time period of a few years to decades.
  • The point of failure can include both slow leaks to bursting.
  • You should check with your insurance company to see what potential damage would be covered.

Meridian Plumbing Polybutylene Reviews

“We needed almost all the pipes in our house replaced. (We had polybutylene pipe and several other houses in our neighborhood done at the same time with the same pipes had pipes burst recently.) One plumber I called refused to give me a quote and said time and material. Another plumber I called talked about all the cabinets, tile work, mirrors, etc that would have to be removed or destroyed to get access. On a neighbors recommendation I tried Meridian plumbing. They gave me an exact quote and worked hard to cut access only in locations where I would have to replace drywall. They spent the exact time they said they would, were always on time and had the job done in 3 days. I found their staff very professional complete with carefully covering the house with plastic and cleaning up the mess when they were done.” March 2016

“We called for a leak that we found late in the evening. Dan was the one that responded and made the repair. We then made the decision to go ahead and have Dan replumb our house. He was very professional and took great care of us. Dan and his helper Rolondo were fantastic to work with and did a great job. We will be calling them for all future problems and would recommend them to anybody.” February 2017

“After several homes in our neighborhood had leaks and floods due to the gray polybutyl water pipes that had used in the homes in the late 80s, we decided to take a preventive step and have the potentially bad piping replaced. Meridian Plumbing had been recommended by one of our neighbors and also by a friend. We were glad we called them. They were prompt in examining our house, thorough in explaining the problems we were facing, and quick to schedule the repair work. They gave an estimate of 2 1/2 days to do the full job, and had it done exactly on time. Good job of cleanup afterward (yes, replacing a home’s water pipes is a messy affair). Brian, Joe and Zach were all very friendly, easy to work with and clearly very professional in their work. We were highly satisfied with Meridian’s service.” March 2016